Hair Transplant Palm Springs

The Desert Plastic Surgery Center is one of the leading practices when it comes to both hair restoration and hair transplants in the greater Palm Springs area. Conveniently located in the Coachella Valley, Dr. Marcinkus and the staff look forward to meeting you to better explain both hair transplants and restoration procedures, along with how it can help restore your self-confidence. Only using the most advanced techniques, Dr. Marcinkus brings over 35 years of experience and is the most experienced hair restoration surgeon in the Palm Springs area since 1992. Our staff can provide a unique hair transplant plan to help target your hair loss areas and help rebuild your self-confidence. Contact our office or schedule your online appointment today to learn more about our hair restoration services in the greater Palm Springs area.

As you start to age, baldness and hair thinning most certainly become a problem. This can make one feel insecure, destroy one’s self confidence or make you look older than you are. The team at Desert Plastic Surgery Center and the Desert Hair Institute have extensive knowledge when it comes to hair restoration and hair transplants. As a perfectionist, Dr. Marcinkus seeks out only the latest in the most state-of-the-art technologies and minimally invasive procedures to help his patients feel more confident in their appearance.

Dr. Marcinkus was the first to introduce unique technique and neograft tecniques in the Palm Springs area. Many reasons exist as to why one may experience hair loss, but it’s important to know that a solution does exist. Although it’s mostly men, both genders can see hair loss as they age. The consultation process with Dr. Marcinkus can be done at our office, or by skype if you reside outside of the general area. Rest assured that you will receive a very thorough and in-depth evaluation and the doctor can provide a treatment plan once the evaluation has been completed. Both surgical and non-surgical options do exist when it comes to hair restoration and hair transplants.

The best candidates for hair transplants:

Hair loss typically results from three different factors: aging, hormone changes and family history. If you have hair that grows on the sides, neck or the back of your head - this can be used as donor hair. Typically, when people have hair in these places, they are the best candidates for hair transplants and hair restorations. For men, you must have donor sites. So, having excess hair growth in these areas make you a good candidate for this type of procedure. Women who have thinning hair can also have these procedures done by using follicles from other areas on the body. During your consultation with Dr. Marcinkus, he’ll be able to tell you whether or not you’re a good candidate for hair restoration.

How is the hair transplant and restoration done?

When the patient has their consultation, the doctor will outline areas that are going to receive the transplants. Usually, local anesthetic is injected into the areas of interest to make the patient feel more comfortable and minimize any possible pain. When this has been done, the procedure will consist of moving healthy hair from the back and sides of the head to the areas that are thinning. This can be time consuming, because the doctor must implant each permanent hair follicle one at a time, also insuring that its going to grow in the correct pattern to give it that more natural look. This is your real hair, it’s just being moved from one location (a donor area) to another. When undergoing a hair transplant or hair restoration procedure, there is no downtime. Patients usually return to work the next day after the procedures have been done. After a few months of the transplants being done, they can be colored or styled in any way you wish, since this is your real hair. Both strip and neograft harvesting techniques are offered in our clinics.

Is hair transplants safe?

Yes. When you get a hair transplant or hair restoration done by Dr. Marcinkus, the procedure is outpatient. The doctor and staff have done thousands of procedures without any incident. Since this hair is your real hair (just being moved from one donor location to another), you can style it, color it and do whatever you’d like since this is your natural hair.

The consultation:

Dr. Marcinkus will thoroughly review your medical history, medications and evaluate you to see if you’re a good candidate for hair restoration or hair transplant procedures. The doctor will discuss your concerns, goals and see if this procedure is a good for you. The doctor will then develop a personalized treatment plan on addressing the areas of interest. Dr. Marcinkus has performed hundreds of hair transplants and is determined to help all our patients rebuild their self-confidence. To learn more about the doctor, please visit our about us page for more information. Give us a call or inquire online today for your consultation.